What is telemedicine?

Telepsychiatry as a part telemedicine has proven to offer suitable and reasonable professional help for a growing number of people. It is effective in several research studies and is now considered an evidence-based form of psychotherapy. In he UK and Australia Online Counseling is recommended by the national health authorities as a valuable resource of reliable and confidential approach. 

Numerous personal and relationships issues may by very, reactions, like anxiety, panic attacks, indecisiveness, poor sleep, fears, poor confidence and insufficient self-esteem and many others. 

Our telepsychiatry service include, but not limited to evaluations, medication treatments and consults, hypno-training. This distance bilingual  ( English, Russian ) approach allows people to work on their problems in the comfort of their privacy and gradually develop the tools that will help them to become more confident in themselves so that they can be engaged in a better life. 

Just imagine yourself, comfortably relaxing in front of your computer at home, accessing the internet with your phone, while enjoying vacation time, commuting to your work. You may go online for your weekly therapy coaching session, scheduled in advance, or either for emergency debriefing counseling, or for the professional consult with personal/family conflict situation. This is not in the future, neither it is a fantasy, distance therapy already exists and is available and very affordable currently.