Sobriety is a choice of  strong people.

Alcoholism, is the medical term designating alcoholic dependence. This concept was established in 1849  by the Swedish doctor M. Guss in a psychological and physical health aspects of  person with excessive use of alcohol drinks.

In the USA there are about 100 million people taking alcohol in large amount. About 10 %  of them meet the criteria of alcoholism. The difference  between habitual household alcoholism and alcohol dependence very narrow and only the expert can define a condition of the drinking person.

Statistically alcoholics live for about 15-20 years less, than non drinking people. In the recent years  about 120 000 people die  annually in the USA due to the reasons connected with excessive alcohol intake. Among minors, 3 out of 10 have alcohol related problems, and the  age of first drink is 10-14 years. 

The uncontrollable use of alcohol drinks in the  USA causes an annual damage to the country over 200 000 billions dollars. Each  glass of  pure alcohol costs to the American treasury 2 dollars.

Very serious problem is  female alcoholism because women tend to hide the drinking habit and consequently very late come for  help. 

Our office offers  comprehensive help for achieving  sobriety . We offer medication management and therapy approach  leading to personal transformation , re thinking  about the harm of  alcoholic dependence, modern methods of personal and family  counseling . We help to reveal the hidden internal reserves, to establish the correct, positive purposes. 

Our psychotherapists and  counselors will the most suitable program on finding of sobriety, family well being and happy life. You deserve to live happy and sober life.